Mandurah Bus Charters

Our Story

We pride ourselves in being more than a party bus with family as the driving force of our service.

“We’re more than a party bus- we’re family”

Our first bus, Bella, was set up in 2019 in memory of Rudi, my party loving hubby. He loved celebrating in our backyard with family and friends. The music, the party lights, the singing, the “aroha”.  In 2022, we are proud to introduce Ruby, our fourth bus to our flock.
Our vehicles have been designed to capture his sense of celebration and making sure everyone feels welcome and safe.

My daughter and I have decked the buses out so we can bring the party to you. Stress free and ready for forever memories. Our Events Planner can go over the finer details of your special event.

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Party Bus Hire

Our Bus Family

We love our buses like family. Each has a name which compliments their unique personalities. You’ll see their names on the front.

All of our buses are staffed with a driver and host if required for your comfort and safety. Bluetooth onto our amazing sound system for your very own party with the option of microphones. Our party lights and fog machine takes your party to the next level. We also have charging ports and wifi for your convenience.

“Get your party on The Mandurah Party Bus”

Bella the Bus

Seats 19. She’s ready for all occasions. If karaoke is your thing, our host can access over 46000 songs to hit the right note with your party. You can request this additional option when booking. Her retro seating and lighting sets up great nostalgic vibes.

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Connie The Commuter

Seats 13. She gets the party started. You can request a fridge esky for your BYO’s. Bluetooth onto the amazing sound system then sit back and watch the light show.

Casey Sat 4 Dec 21

Ruby the Jewel

Seats 22. She has a homely vibe of comfort and relaxation. Add party lights, your music, fog machine and she is a party on the go.